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I-GRAPHX: Innovative measuring efficiency from tradition

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I-GraphX: Industrial Graph Xolutions

With the analyzer to the sample and not vice versa.

Why lose valuable time? Why take the risk of sample changes on the way to the lab? The times when the sample had to be brought to the analyzer are over. I-GRAPHX GmbH offers innovative micro-process gas chromatographs. Whether portable or stationary, I-GRAPHX units are equipped with state-of-the-art micro-technology and offer high-performance lab-quality gas chromatography with low maintenance costs, compact dimensions and extremely short analysis times.
As another core element of the service portfolio, I-GRAPHX provides Industrial-Graph-Xolutions, a solution that is individually tailored to your needs and requirements. In order to achieve the greatest possible measuring efficiency, a modular system creates new possibilities for tailor-made task solving. The X in our name stands for maximum flexibility and cost-effective efficiency.

  • More than 50 applications for 6 industry solutions.
  • Worldwide in use in more than 22 countries.
  • I-GRAPHX for over 15 years chromatography expertise.
  • xmarter measurement

A unique module to your advantage

The heart of the gas chromatograph I-GRAPHX is the world's only fully functional gas chromatography module, which can consistently build up with microsystem components. On one assembly all fluidic and electronic components of the GC are integrated. This not only achieves a quantum leap in miniaturization, but also drastically reduces energy and media consumption.
The gas chromatograph I-GRAPHX allows a previously unimaginably fast, mobile, simple, economical measurement and analysis of gases and dissolved gases out of liquids.

Efficiency is measurable

Available in a variety of designs, with this gas chromatography series we have the solution for the current process in the industrial environment or for research and development, for applications in the field and in the laboratory.

Individual Graph Xolutions

Individual tasks require individual solutions!
Decades of expertise in a wide variety of application fields enable a steadily growing number of applications spread over six main industries.
I-GRAPHX offers a modular solution with Industrial-Graph-Xolutions. For every task we offer, beyond a standard version, a method of the highest possible measuring efficiency which is tailored to your individual requirements. Our X stands for a modular system with infinite possibilities of tailor-made task solution. Efficiency is measurable and always pays off in the end.

I-GraphX Product line

  • I-GraphX S / Sm : Efficiency is measurable - small, fast and rugged xolution.
  • I-GraphX PR / PM: Giant place for your requirements - for every task the right xolution.
  • I-GraphX PX: Heavy but safety - made for hazardous xolution.
  • I-GraphX OEM: Small and compact - made for your own xolution.
  • I-GraphX Accessories: Parts for upgrade and replacement xolutions.
  • I-GraphX Rent: Save money and time - our xolution for your benefit.
  • I-GraphX Customizing: You are looking for – a customized xolution?
  • I-GraphX Service: You are looking for – a customized xolution?

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    I-GraphX GmbH offers innovative micro process gas chromatographs with its I-GRAPHX series. Whether stationary or mobile – the patented I-GRAPHX instruments are equipped with cutting-edge micro technology and offer high-performance gas chromatography with laboratory quality and low maintenan ... more