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ERAVAP Vapor Pressure Tester - Compact, Highly Precise and Easy to Use

ERAVAP Vapor Pressure Tester Combines High Precision with a Compact and Easy to Use Instrument.

ERAVAP 10-Position-Autosampler

ERAVAP Vapor pressure Testers measure the pressure exerted by a vapor in thermodynamic equilibrium with its condensed phases (solid or liquid) at a given temperature in a closed system. Vapor pressure testing is  important to comply with environmental regulations and serves as safety check in the transport and storage of crude oil as the vapor pressure indicates how the crude oil performs during handling.

Highest Precision and compact design

ERAVAP Vapor Pressure Tester is the State of the Art vapor pressure tester when it comes to combine high precision and true portability with a compact and easy to use instrument design. ERAVAP is suitable for numerous sample types like gasoline, crude oil, LPG, jet fuel or solvents and is compliant with the latest standards e.g. ASTM D5188, D5191, D6378. Additionally ERAVAP is compliant with all three parts of the European Standard EN 13016 1-3.

Unmatched Temperature Range with built in quality control.

With its unmatched temperature range ERAVAP is the only Vapor Pressure Tester on the market which covers a temperature range from -20 °C to 120 °C (-4 °F to 248 °F). The used Pure SamplingTM valve technology reduces any cross-contamination. The built in quality control mode considers predefined  warning levels and automatically alerts the operator. Moreover with ERAVAP no external vacuum pump is needed.

TVS™ - Temperature Verification Sensor for ASTM D5191 testing

eralytics latest innovation (patent pending) for ERAVAP is the TVS™ – ASTM D5191 Temperature Verification Sensor for high precision vapor pressure testing of gasoline. This all-new temperature sensor allows easiest monitoring of the temperature directly in the sample container, featuring an immediate check of the sample preparation even before the actual measurement starts. TVS™ enables the specification of upper (and lower) temperature limits triggering an automatic warning, if the sample temperature does not match the requirements. Thus TVS™ is a very efficient tool helping you to save time and money while improving the quality control in your testing lab.

Different Models cover all needs

The universally used, high precision ERAVAP EV10 covers a pressure range up to 1000 kPa. ERAVAP EV20 measures with an extended range. Both Models consist of a built-in shaker motor and are used for gasolines, crude oils and LPG. 

Depending on the customer needs diverse extensions meet all requirements: the EV01-COOL Low Temperature Module, the EV01-VISC High viscosity module and  the EV01-LOW Low vapor pressure module. With the autosampler-module an optional 10 position autosampler can be attached.

Easy and Comfortable Maintenance

The high-value full metal housing allows easiest and comfortable calibration and maintenance through an easy removable housing, the inner parts are easy accessible.

The integrated 8” touchscreen offers operations in many languages and results are available within 5 minutes. Each instrument is equipped with five USB ports and due to its portability ERAVAP is used in many mobile laboratories and testing laboratories around the world.

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