A Wish Come True: Ready-To-Use Solutions, Reagents, Salts and Standards

Save Time and Costs with How You Source Laboratory Chemicals

Ready-to-use mixtures - there when you need them. This brief motto epitomizes the success of Bernd Kraft®, one of Europe’s and Germany's largest manufacturer of laboratory chemicals over more than 40 years.

As a specialist for ready-to-use reagents, salts and standards for chemical analyses in the laboratory, Bernd Kraft® maintains more than 10,000 research laboratory chemicals in its portfolio as a kind of base stock. What makes Bernd Kraft® truly unique is its customization service, providing custom-made solutions and reagents according to customer specifications.

Produced in best "made in Germany" quality and with uninterrupted ISO 9001 certification for 15 years, we make according to your requirements:

  • AAS standards
  • ICP and ICP/MS standards
  • Standards for ion chromatography
  • Standards for the sum parameters AOX, TOD, TIC and TOC
  • Standard solutions for photometry
  • Solvent mixtures
  • Buffer solutions
  • Liquids for testing purposes
  • Reagents and standards for the examination of water, waste water and sludge (according to DEV)

Purchasing ready-to-use solutions improves staff safety at work

Protect your most valuable asset: your staff. Our ready-to-use solutions ensure that you do not need to mix several, possibly hazardous substances yourself anymore. Simply select the required ready-to-use product from our extensive catalogue. Each container is, of course, labelled perfectly according to current legal requirements. This kind of "outsourcing" also reduces hazardous waste and disposal costs because you can obtain from us only the amounts that you actually consume.

There’s more to "ready-to-use" than meets the eye: focused expertise, commitment and highest quality - so you can save time and money while focusing on your core business.

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