Irspirit Series: Little Footprint and High Possibilities

Ultra-Small Footprint Meets Exceptional Ease Of-Use and Functionality

Shimadzu's new FTIR spectrometer series IRSpirit  combines high performance level with flexibilty and ease of use. Associated with a large panel of accessories, the two portable and compact models IRSpirit-T and IRSpirit-L are thus able to solve all the different requirements.

With a footprint smaller than a DIN A3 sheet, the IRSpirit offers a generous sample space to insure maximum easy of use. If this sample chamber is well designed for Shimadzu's accessories, accessories from other suppliers can also be used. With a weight of just 8.5 kg, the IRSpirit is one of the world's smallest and lightest FTIR systems.
The high-performance IRSpirit is prepared for regulation requirements in the pharmaceutical, chemical and scientific sectors as well as in the food industry. Temperature-controlled DLATGS detector of the IRSpirit-T model guarantees outstanding sensitivity and stability for the highest demands. At the same time, the IRSpirit-L variant allows a low-priced entry into personal FTIR analysis.

A status monitor as well as a self-diagnostic function ensure the operational capability of the IRSpirit at all times. In addition, necessary parameters for specific accessories are automatically set by integrated accessory detection.

LabSolutions IR software also supports completely inexperienced users: 23 specific application programs guide you easily through your personal analysis. Its new interface, IR Pilot, safely guides you through the entire FTIR measurement and data analysis without the need for complicated settings. User's personal analysis can be added and saved in IR Pilot interface. They can be then, directly and quickly launch from IR Pilot window.
At the same time, the intuitive LabSolutions IR software allows various additional measurement and evaluation options for demanding tasks.

In addition, our database and client server options of the LabSolutions DB/CS interface ensure maximum data security even in regulated environments.

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