Photonis USA, Inc.

Efficiently Guide and Multiply Ions Through an Instrument

Photonis Provides Leading Detectors and Ion Guides for Mass Spectrometry

Photonis designs a wide variety of products that attract and guide ions through analytical instruments. Our patented technologies guide ions to maximize input so your instrument is as efficient as possible.

Our detectors are used by over half of the world's mass spectrometer manufacturers to maximize performance. Notably, Photonis offers over 200 detectors for current instruments and OEM replacements.

ICP-MS, LC-MS, GC-MS, Ion trap, MALDI-TOF, Single or Triple Quad MS, Magnetic Sector MS, Channeltrons, MCPs, Discrete Dynodes

OEM Replacement Detectors
We provide over 200 detectors for current instruments and OEM replacements

Longlife Microchannel Plates
Our patented MCP technology offers superior lifetime and optimizes analysis

Channeltron Electron Multipliers
Our Channeltrons are highly sensitive detectors used to reduce noise and increase signal output

Resistive Glass Products
Photonis' full line of resistive glass products guide ions into the instrument

TOF Detectors
We support a variety of TOF techniques through the use of BiPolar and UltraFast TOF detectors

  • mass spectrometer accessories

  • channeltrons

  • ion traps

  • mass spectrometry detectors

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Photonis USA, Inc.
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    Photonis USA, Inc.

    PHOTONIS is a leading multinational high-technology group, with experience in manufacture, sales and innovation specializing in photo sensor imaging technologies since 1937. We operate internationally in several key areas: DEFENCE RESEARCH APPLICATIONS SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE SPACE Explora ... more