Carbon/Nitrogen/Protein Analysis with high sample weights

Successor of the Leco Trumac System with Cornerstone(R) Technology

By combining state of the art hardware and developing a „Touch Screen” software platform, the LECO CN928 Series is a perfect tool for fast, convenient and cost effective analysis, even with heterogeneous or difficult sample matrices.

Macro samples up to 3 g can be processed with this Nitrogen/Protein analyzer in just a few minutes. The sample throughput is increased and the cost per analysis is reduced by using the ballast-aliquot principle.

Thereby the LECO 928 series in a perfect instrument for all analytical laboratories no matter if they analyze solid, liquid or slurries.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Fastest cycle times with only ~5 minutes for the Nitrogen/Protein and Carbon analysis.
  • Longer lifetime for all reagents, including stand times of more than 4000 analysis for the reduction chemicals
  • Automatic 100 position sample loader with XY boat movement
  • High temperature combustion up to 1450°C in pure Oxygen – sample type independent analysis without any compromise
  • No need for any additional oxidizing materials or any awkward catalyst regaining chemicals
  • High sample weights in reusable ceramic or metal crucibles
  • Helium or Argon as carrier gas
  • The ash is retained in the combustion boat that is removed automatically after analysis

Robust design leads to unmatched analytical power, even for difficult applications, high sample throughput or scientific questions. Lowest cost per analysis is a results of this, as well as reduced maintenance and long up times.

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