Automatic Grinding / Polishing System for Metallography

Perfect Surfaces for All Metallographic Purposes

The new programmable grinder – polisher systems of the new LECO PX Series creates excellent flatness and perfect surface structures with all metallographic samples. The robust design, combined with state of the art technology guarantees an efficient, safe and high quality solution for all materials.
Features and Benefits:

  • Massive and robust design with integrated LED light
  • Energy efficient motors with variable speed and direction
  • Polishing head with central and single sample mode
  • Color multi-touch display for intuitive use
  • Multilanguage software for English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and more
  • Programs can be saved and optimized
  • Automatic and programmable doser for up to 5 liquids
  • Optimized design with anti-spill features and self-cleaning characteristics
  • Wheel diameters 200/250/300 mm and 8/10 and 12 Inch
  • metallography

  • polishing

  • grinders

  • polisher systems

  • surface structures

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