Greatly Optimize Your Daily Lab Routine in X-ray Fluorescence Analysis.

Automatic and precise dosing of flux in up to 18 crucibles

Weighing of flux has never been this easy! With just the push of a button, the BORAMAT® 18 automatically weighs the desired amount of flux in up to 18 crucibles.

Greatly improve the efficiency and precision of your weighing routine and save time during sample preparation in your XRF laboratory. The intelligent software and monitoring functions minimize error and increase security in the whole weighing process. The BORAMAT® 18 thus achieves a precision of 0.0005 g in practice.

A small scale that is built into the machine enables the use of the catch weight function. With it the user can weigh in a rough amount of sample without the need to remove the beaker. Once the sample is weighed, the BORAMAT® automatically adds flux until the desired ratio is reached.


  • Automatic dosing of up to 18 samples
  • Fast and precise (Uncertainty (P=95%) of 0.0020g)
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Bottle for up to 3 kg of flux
  • Universal bottle connection for easy flux changing and refilling
  • Free from contamination
  • Intelligent dosage control
  • Documentation of weighing protocols
  • Ready for LIMS
  • Three weighing modes (incl. Catch Weight mode for sample weighing)
  • BORAMAT® Mono: Precise dosing with your own scale
  • dosing

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