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Hyper-fast Full-Range Gas Chromatography

Full Temperature Range GC Analysis below 60 Seconds

Functional prinziple of the FF-TG-GC

Comparison of measurements of an alkane standard C8 to C40 with and without thermal gradient

Measurement of a FAME standard (multi-ramp)

Measurement of an aromatics standard (multi-ramp)

Conventional GC requires long measuring times. HyperChrom GC technology reduces the time for temperature-programmed gas chromatography to less than 60 seconds.

The HyperChrom Flow-field Temperature Gradient GC is based on a completely new functional principle. It is the first available commercial temperature gradient GC. In addition to the temporal temperature programming, a spatial temperature difference is superimposed. Substances are separated at lower temperatures without degradation. The consistently implemented principle of low thermal mass (LTM) also enables cooling times of 10 seconds.

Previous LTM-GCs have disadvantages. The separation columns are expensive replacement parts. Often the manufacturer is the only supplier. There are also deficits with regard to temperature stability and hence peak shapes and resolution.
In contrast, the HyperChrom GC can utilise any fused silica separation column. The exchange is quick and easy. By using only short sections of separation columns, the consumable costs are much lower than with classic GC. Other consumables like ferrules or liners also meet established standards.

In addition to the new temperature gradient, the gas flow diagram of the HyperChrom GC is also elaborated. Innovative flushed connectors ensure perfect peak shapes and eliminate the solvent tail. In addition, the separation column and the injector can be back-flushed.

HyperChrom GC is used in high-throughput measurements, e. g. for catalysis research. In laboratories, many measurement methods can be drastically shortened and thus savings of equipment and consumables can be realised.

The compression of the signals increases the detection sensitivity of methods. When using mass spectrometers as detectors, high-speed methods with signal deconvolution can be developed.

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