Bettersizer S3 Plus - Particle Size and Shape Analysis from 10 nm to 3500 µm

Static light scattering combined with dynamic image analysis

3P INSTRUMENTS offers the combination of particle size analysis (10 nm to 3500 μm) and dynamic particle shape analysis with the new BETTERSIZER S3 Plus particle analysis system.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • precise measurement starting at 10 nm
  • realistic measurement up to 3500 µm
  • combined particle size and shape analysis
  • perfect price-performance ratio!

Size analysis from 10 nm to 3500 µm thanks to innovative dual lenses technology (DLOIS)

The highly innovative BETTERSIZER S3 Plus combines laser diffraction with dynamic image analysis in a special way. As a result, particles with sizes from10 nm to 3500 μm can be analyzed in high resolution with just one instrument. While large particles up to 3500 µm can be reliably measured with two high-speed CCD camera, nanoparticles from 10 nm can be detected with maximum precision thanks to the unique dual lenses technology. The additional lens between the laser and the measurement chamber enables the detection of the backscattered light. The use of only one laser with oblique incidence of light provides a continuous scattering spectrum with consistent wavelength and allows the detection in a continuous angle range up to 165°.

Combined particle size and particle shape analysis

The BETTERSIZER S3 Plus not only enables the measurement of the particle size according to Fraunhofer and Mie evaluation. For the first time, 3P INSTRUMENTS offers a combined size and shape analysis of powders and dispersions with the BETTERSIZER S3 Plus. Thanks to the two CCD cameras integrated directly into the measuring system, not only the laser diffraction but also images of the single particles can be recorded, as well as the most important shape parameters, such as the aspect ratio, circularity, image sharpness and others can be calculated perfectly. Likewise, the user receives information about the degree of agglomeration. The shape analysis can be carried out simultaneously with the size analysis or independently. Thereby you can choose between two magnifications for image collection (0.5x and 10x).

Perfect price-performance ratio

The BETTERSIZER S3 Plus is offered at a very attractive price-performance ratio, is easy to use and has an intuitive software interface. Customer advice and equipment instruction is provided by the highly qualified 3P INSTRUMENTS expert team

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