Reva - Complete Solution for Learning Raman Spectroscopy

Designed for Scientific Teaching - Including Laboratory Experiments

The Reva educational platform for Raman spectroscopy consists of a "ready-to-use" benchtop instrument with integrated computer, screen, keyboard and mouse, software and 7 completely described teaching labs, which were developed in collaboration with experienced Raman specialists. It enables professors and lecturers to impart Raman spectroscopy to their students in a very practice-oriented, simple and secure way. With no other solution can Raman be integrated so easily, quickly and safely into academic teaching.
Traditionally, mainly chemists, physicians and material scientists make use of Raman spectroscopy. Within the last years however, Raman spectroscopy has additionally become more and more popular in other fields of science, namely bio scientific, medicine, and above all, pharmaceutical science and forensic.
Application fields have broadened and become more manifold not least because of the availability of compact and competitive-priced instruments. The demand for well-trained specialists is on a rise. At the same time, education and academic training has difficulties to keep pace with this dynamic development.

The most common application areas are:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Pharmacy
  • Biophysics
  • Life Science
  • Material research
  • Nano-research
  • Forensics
  • Geology
  • Food research
  • Natural Resources and Environment


  • Multi-stage laser safety interlocks
  • No laser safety measures required at the workplace
  • Low space requirement (stand space about approx. US Letter)
  • Integrated PC with USB and display port
  • Simple, intuitive software
  • Chemically robust measuring probe
  • For liquid, pasty and solid samples
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