Identification and confirmation of unknown substances by hyphenation of HPTLC with MS

Rapid and contamination-free elution directly from the layer to your MS with the TLC-MS Interface 2

Through the pioneering concept of hyphenating high-performance thin-layer chromatography with mass spectrometry unequivocal substance identification is possible. The CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2 can be installed plug & play with any LC-MS system without adjustments or mass spectrometer modifications. Depending on the MS system, a substance can be identified within a minute via its mass spectrum, or for an unknown substance zone, the respective sum formula can be obtained. Furthermore, interesting zones can be eluted into vials for further investigations with, e.g. NMR, (ATR-)FTIR, ESI-MS, and MALDI-MS.

The chromatogram zones are eluted from the HPTLC plate with methanol or another suitable solvent with the flow speed appropriate for the LC-MS system. The round elution head is used for circular zones and the oval elution head for zones in the form of bands. After extraction the eluate is either transferred online to the mass spectrometer or collected in a sample vial for further offline analysis.

The CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2 features a modified elution head and an easily accessible, exchangeable filter, arranged in front of the valve. Cleaning is facilitated as compared to the previous version, making it highly efficient. By pushing a button, the elution path is cleaned of matrix particles with compressed air, increasing the lifetime of the filter and preventing the system from becoming blocked. These filters can be easily replaced without any modification to the elution head.

Plate positioning is significantly simplified: together with the positioning scale and the adjustable plate-stopper, the integrated crosshair laser enables accurate and reproducible positioning of the plate.

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