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The Ultimate in Trace Detection of Gases at Atmospheric Pressure by Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

The Top 3 Advantages

Consistent, robust low ppb detection and wide dynamic range


Accurate quantitation of trace or bulk gases


Speed and stability of response

Innovation for Fast Reliable Monitoring to Low ppb Levels in Research and Industrial Applications

Designed for researchers and engineers who need to work beyond the limits of conventional quadrupole MS technology - to more easily detect and monitor trace gases - the CirrusTM 3-XD system delivers a unique analytical advantage for eXtreme Detection capability.

The proven Cirrus Quadrupole MS platform now utilizes patented, V-lensTM ion optics with a double-focussing and deflection capability - to produce a consistently low baseline for any gas species - enabling trace level detection with greater clarity and confidence than ever before.

With its versatile, compact design and powerful, automatable software control, the Cirrus 3-XD system provides a new level in performance, robustness and ease-of-use for the most challenging trace gas analyses.

Cirrus systems are ideal for the on-line monitoring and analysis of gases and gas mixtures including trace contaminants in process gases; solvent vapors; hydrocarbons; atmospheric and inorganic gas species (including corrosives); freons and noble gases

The unique benefits of the cirrus 3-XD system are as follows:

Consistent, robust low ppb detection and wide dynamic range

V-lensTM technology - V-lens ion-optics technology uses a unique, patented double-focussing and deflection mechanism to significantly reduce background and enhance sensitivity. The result is an atmospheric pressure gas analyzer with low limits of detection and wdie dynamic range (from % levels to low ppb) without compromise to any other aspect of instrument performance - even when working with the most challenging gases that can produce large amounts of chemical background noise via metastable decay. This novel technological design provides significant improvements in quality and clarity in the data obtained, for any application where detecting the lowest levels of contamination with confidence is important.

Speed and stability of response

Unique oven and  capillary inlet design. The Cirrus 3-XD offers very stable performance, by housing the entire vacuum chamber (with quadrupole analyzer) and inlet interface assembly inside a precision engineered stainless steel convection oven design. This offers high temperature uniformity and eliminates potential cold spots, which could otherwise cause undesirable sample condensation and variance in analysis. The Cirrus 3-XD inlet assembly consists of an inert silica lined capillary, which can be heated to a stable temperature. The low volume and surface area of the assembly serves to maximize response speed while minimizing memory effects. Cirrus 3-XD systems can also be configured with stainless steel capillaries for resistance to fluorine based compounds.

Accurate quantitation of trace or bulk gases

Process Eye Multipoint Calibration workflow – This new software capability provides a framework for customers to further streamline the process of acquiring high quality quantitative data of trace and bulk gases. The workflow allows cusomers to take into account variation in ionisation efficiency, interferences and background, to provide more reliable determination of gas concentrations. The software allows standard gases and gas mixtures to analysed to determine senstivity factors, normalisation factors and calibration ratios to be determined. In addition, the Cirrus 3-XD can be equipped with a Baratron® (capacitance manometer) pressure controller inlet to allow sampling from supplies which vary from the nominal 1 bar inlet requirement.

Superior versatility and integration

The Cirrus 3-XD is avialable in  both compact bench top and rack mount configurations, which mean this powerful instrument is suitable for both laboratory or industrial applications. Cirrus 3-XD is operated using proven Process Eye Professional software, a recipe-driven platform that communicates with the system over a TCP/IP network. Process Eye Professional is designed for use with the latest Microsoft® operating systems including 32 bit or 64 bit Windows® XP, Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7.

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