The Lims Solution for Your Laboratory

Laboratory Information Management

MAQSIMA LAB+ is a LIMS which has originated from specific customer requirements. Our solution ist  perfectly tailored to your individual requirements and deliver higher transparency and economy for individual processes which especially our highly positive operator acceptance and satisfaction confirm..

The LIMS delivers all functionalities a LIMS needs for processing samples in accordance with the national and international guidelines. The software system can be fully implemented into the corporate structure and allows each division or department a fast and easy access to all relevant data. Therefore, there are versatile application possibilities which are mostly focused on analytical emphasis in organizations (chemistry, emission, immission, medical analysis, microbiological analysis, quality inspection during production, sensor technology, environmental analysis,…).

MAQSIMA LAB+ accompanies throughout the whole laboratory processes. If needed it is also possible to exchange data with other existing systems, such as ERP-Systems. Goods received and production orders lead to an automatically generation of samples in a requested quantity. MAQSIMA LAB+ reports release approvals or disapprovals to connected systems.

Besides the central LIMS-functionalities, MAQSIMA LAB+ has a variety of specific modules which are perfectly suitable to realize different and sectoral laboratory processes.

Extract from available modules:

  • chemicals and standard management
  • test equipment management
  • test order management
  • sample planning
  • out of specification management
  • quality control charts
  • ...

The modular structure allows a specific adjustment and scaling of the system according the requirements of an organization.

If needed, it is possible to realize examinations of guidelines like Release Duration of Medical Ingredients, Content Uniformity, Mass Variation, Contamination or extensive examinations such as Loss on Drying.

MAQSIMA LAB+ offers guideline conformity according to GxP and FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. With a comprehensive role-based operator and access rights administration as well as access protection and audit trail functionalities, the LIMS guarantees safety and transparency in the laboratory.

Due to the high customer satisfaction, the operator convenience, the reliability and the professional opportunities, the system is being applied in laboratories with wide variety of characteristics.

  • waste management
  • contract laboratories
  • biotechnology
  • beverage industry
  • chemical industry
  • paints and lacquers
  • cosmetics and hygiene
  • foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • veterinary and human medicine
  • water supply
  • and others

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    MAQSIMA LAB+ realistically maps the processes in laboratories. The modular structure allows for an accurate adaptation of the scope of services required in the respective laboratories. No more, but not less. The operation of the individual modules is intuitive, the application of many modul ... more