A novel Refractive Index Detector for all HPLC/GPC/SEC Applications

Best match for SLS Detectors in GPC/SEC Applications

The AYE Differential Refractive Index Detector is the most modern answer to a number of applications involving hyphenated detector technology requiring the combination of a MALS Detector for Molar Mass with a DRI Detector for Concentration.

The AYE DRI perfectly matches all MALS and SLS Detectors available today in regard to both, total cell Volume and Wavelength, leading to more accurate and reliable results. Its high sensitivity makes the AYE DRI the perfect companion for challenging applications in the characterization of Bio- and Synthetic Polymers as well as for Protein investigations.

The instrument operates  at the same wavelength as MALS and SLS detectors and allows determination of absolute concentration and also of total mass balance. Also focused mainly on GPC/SEC, the instrument shows also unbeatable performance in more classical HPLC Application such as detection of sugars and is available optimized for low flow rates down to 300 µL/min.

The wide temperature range of operation of the AYE DRI Detector from room temperature to 80 °C underlines the unmatched flexibility of this instrument. Flexible usage of Benchspace is one of the last details of this unit, which by design allows operation in both orientations, horizontal and vertical.

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