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Would You like to Significantly Reduce Your Current GC-MS Analysis Time?

Same Separation, Speedier Solution

- Get the same GC separation in less time—use a GC Accelerator kit and the EZGC method translator to accurately convert methods to a scaled-down column format.
- Scaled-down methods let you speed up analysis time and increase sample throughput without capital investment.
- GC Accelerator kit installs easily without damaging the GC column or interfering with the MS interface.

Designed with GC-MS users in mind, the GC Accelerator kit provides a simple way to speed up sample analysis. By reducing oven volume, these inserts allow faster ramp rates to be attained, which reduces oven cycle time and allows for increased sample throughput and more capacity to process rush samples. When faster ramp rates are used, existing methods can be accurately scaled down to smaller, high-efficiency, narrow-bore columns using Restek’s EZGC method translator. With a scaled-down column, a properly translated method, and a GC Accelerator kit, you can obtain the same chromatographic separation—often with greater sensitivity—in a fraction of the time without making a capital investment.

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