Fast Powerful and Gentle Comminution with Maximum Flexibility!

Variable rotational speed for optimal adjustment of the cutting speed to your sample material

The NEW Universal Cutting Mill from FRITSCH is ideal for size-reduction for a wide range of different materials due to variable adjustment of the rotational speed of the rotor, various knife geometries, replaceable blades, practical sieve cassettes and that with an unmatched ease of cleaning.

The fast solution for all your needs

The high-speed Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19 with variable rotational speed adjustment between 300-3000 rpm comminutes with a maximum feed size of 70 x 80 mm and a throughput quantity of up to 60 l/h fast and effectively dry, soft to medium-hard sample materials as well as fibrous materials and plastics with reliable reproducible results. One special advantage: Straw, films and similar materials can be fed in their full length without additional preparation. And the PULVERISETTE 19 is also ideal for RoHS tests.

The powerful solution for gentle comminution

The low-speed Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19 with variable rotational speed adjustment between 50-700 rpm offers due to the combination of extremely low cutting rate and extreme cutting forces a very powerful comminution of hard, tough-elastic samples or of small sample amounts – and is the ideal solution for all cases where for example thermal damage, the loss of easily volatile substances or a larger fine share is to be avoided.

Especially for the food and pharmaceutical industry

The Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19 is also available in both variable rotational speed versions in a corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316L version. It is FDA compliant and has an increased resistance to corrosive media such as alkalis and acids, but especially to chloride containing media.

Optimal sample exhaustion: FRITSCH Cyclone separators

Cool, clean and convenient: FRITSCH Cyclone separators for sample exhaustion open up new possibilities, which would otherwise be impossible. The powerful airflow of the Cyclone separators ensures simple feeding and faster throughput. Due to faster operation and the additional stronger cooling, the thermal load of the sample materials is minimized, so that temperature-sensitive samples can also be ground without any problems.
The powerful airflow enables the use of finer sieve cassettes to achieve a higher final fineness – even for materials, which are otherwise difficult to grind finely.
Especially convenient: the ground sample is drawn directly into the screwed-on sample glass or in a larger collection vessel of up to 65 litres, in which it can be transported, stored and easily removed for analysis.

FRITSCH-Plus: Unmatched ease of cleaning

A feature that’s unique to FRITSCH Cutting Mills: The entire grinding chamber can be opened without any tools in seconds with just two simple motions for complete cleaning of all the cutting tools. Unbeatably fast, simple and efficient!
The result: a completely opened empty grinding chamber with minimal dead space for easy and quick cleaning offering secure protection against cross contamination!

By the way:

FRITSCH offers 7 different models of Cutting Mills with comprehensive accessories, a max. feed size from 70 x 70 mm – 120 x 85 mm, a max. throughput from 50 l/h up to 85 l/h, a final fineness from 0.2 – 20 mm and rotational speeds from 50 – 3000 rpm. For each application the perfect Cutting Mill!


Send us your most difficult sample – we will carry out an individual sample grinding for you. Compare for yourself!

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