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Managing New Challenges with Innovative PAL-Tools

Automated sample preparation with SIM GRIPPER and ultrasonic bath



SIM SONIC Ultrasonic Bath

Innovative tools for PAL3 autosampler such as the GRIPPER and the ultrasonic bath were developed by SIM GmbH and offer additional options and even more flexibility in automated sample preparation.

Automated procedures in many fields such as the pharmaceutical industry or the bio-medical diagnostics have become indispensable. The continually growing number of samples, an increased cost pressure and staff shortage give process automation even in analytical laboratories an ever-increasing significance.
New tools for PAL3 autosampler offer additional flexibility in sample preparation

The use of a PAL autosampler, which enables automated sample preparation, is quite prevalent in analytical laboratories. It is always a challenge to integrate the complex process operations of sample preparation completely into the automated process. Tasks such as dissolving, diluting and derivatizing of substances as well as homogenizing of mixtures are easily implemented with already available syringe tools, vortex mixer and agitator. In the course of this, different vials are frequently used, which have to be transported to various stations of sample preparation.

SIM GRIPPER enables flexible transport solutions for different vials

So far, transporting vials to the different stations of sample preparation was possible by using magnetic screw-caps. The SIM GRIPPER, constructed by SIM for the PAL3 autosampler platform, now offers a flexible alternative:

It allows for the transport of vials with content of 2, 10 or 20 mL without an exchange of the GRIPPER and as such is time- and costs-saving compared to conventional magnetic-based transport tools.
Due to its special gripping technology the GRIPPER offers a particularly reliable option of transport of vials with and without crimp or screw-cap with no need to use expensive magnetic screw-caps.
When using screw-caps the GRIPPER is able to put the vials into the SIM DE-CAP, which can open and close the vials automatically.

Fast homogenization in cooled ultrasonic bath

The SIM GRIPPER is able to put the vials into the SIM SONIC ultrasonic bath to use the process-accelerating effect of the ultrasound and to homogenize the sample.

With the integrated cooling function, the bath temperature can be kept constant during ultrasonic operation so that it is ideally suited for temperature-sensitive samples. The lid of the ultrasonic bath guarantees that the bath does not run dry even with continuous operation.

Advantages of the SIM Tools

  • SIM GRIPPER offers flexible and reliable transport of 2, 10 and 20 mL vials to various stations of the PAL autosampler
    • transport is possible with and without screw-caps
    • cost saving, as no magnetic caps are required for transport
  • SIM DE-CAP enables opening and closing of vials with conventional screw-caps
  • SIM SONIC ultrasonic bath for homogenization of sample
    • ideally suited for temperature-sensitive samples through integrated cooling
    • integrated lid protects from running dry


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