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Look into the Sample

Direct, contactless temperature control (ITC = Internal Temperature Control)

Automatic opening and closing of vesselss within a few seconds with defined pressure, gentle on wrists, with the ACM-maxi device.

MAXI-14 rotor with ITC technology for temperature control and visual observation of samples

Taking out all samples at the same time - automatic release after cooling

As early as 1990, MLS was the first manufacturer to sell rotors with high-pressure vessels for microwave-assisted processes. Another pioneering achievement was the development of self-regulating valves for all vessels. This prevents sample loss and vessel damage. The next stage of development is now the control of the internal temperature of all sample vessels by means of ITC technology.

A look inside the vessels with the example of the rotor MAXI-14 ITC:
ITC technology controls the sample temperature in each vessel. Materials such as PTFE-TFM, glass, quartz, etc. are transparent to the IR emission of the sample and thus reflect the direct sample temperature without delay. The IR sensor only receives for this specific wavelength. As a result, each sample is recorded, controlled and shown on the screen, giving the user perfect quality control.

  • Use of transparent, glassy "multi-layer" pressure vessels
  • High material transparency for the visual observation of the samples
  • Automatic pressure control via cover valves offers optimal operational safety
  • Removal of all vessels together with one grip reduces working time and increases safety (patented MLS technology)
  • Separate rotor upper part with sample ID / numbering prevents mixing-up of samples
  • Unique easy use - automatic opening and closing of the containers by means of the ACM-maxi automatic capping module
  • Protected venturi exhaust
  • Less stress for the laboratory staff
  • Fast, accurate and inexpensive sample preparation

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