Tinker less, digest more: User-friendly microwave digestion

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Easy to operate rotors and vessels – no tinkering, no carrying about, no tools


Work as you would with a tablet – state-of-the-art, intuitive user interface


Highest throughput – digest 41 routine or 20 challenging samples simultaneously

No time lost on digestion vessel assemblies during sample preparation

The microwave digestion system Multiwave 5000 for sample preparation revolutionizes your daily lab routines. Digestion vessel assemblies of six, seven or more individual parts? A thing of the past. Thanks to the simple three-part design, you can easily close and open the vessels without any tools. This saves you valuable time and allows you to process up to 41 samples per run. Forget about tediously lifting and carrying the rotor: just leave it in the instrument while loading/unloading. The door can be opened automatically thanks to the hands-free mechanism.

The new 20SVT50 rotor lets you easily digest even the toughest samples. Designed to withstand the highest temperatures and pressures, this rotor is the ideal choice for up to 20 challenging samples at the same time – no matter whether you are processing ceramics, alloys, polymers, petrochemicals or chemicals.

The intuitive SmartScreen user interface lets you work as you would a tablet. Save method favorites, shortcuts or data on your home screen and start methods conveniently with just a single touch.

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