State-Of-The-Art Sample Preparation for Analytical Laboratories. Safe, Quick and Efficient

Multiwave PRO, the master of sample preparation, and Multiwave GO, easy and economic digestion

microwave reaction systems for sample preparation: Multiwave PRO and Multiwave GO.

Multiwave PRO, the master of sample preparation

Multiwave PRO is a high-end, high-performance platform with a well-established range of rotors, vessels, sensors and accessories. It allows digestion, extraction, oxygen combustion, solvent extraction, drying, evaporation, and UV digestion with one single system.

Highest temperature and pressure stability for difficult materials

Rotor 8N with quartz vessels allows 300 °C at 80 bar for several hours for truly high-quality work. As the pressure of each vessel is measured 50 times per second, reliable reaction control is guaranteed, even with reactive samples.

Highest sample throughput
Up to 41 samples in reaction vessels with SMART VENT technology (pressure-activated venting) or up to 64 microsamples in glass vials can be digested in a single run.

Unique features

Multiwave PRO supports the microwave-induced oxygen combustion and microwave-assisted UV digestion methods as well. Using Rotor 1DRY large bulky samples or small amounts in sample dishes can be dried in minutes with no need for an alternative instrument.

Convenient tool-free handling

Anton Paar provides tool-free handling of rotors, vessels and sensors. This considerably simplifies routine work steps.

Easy to operate

Multiwave PRO has a large color touchscreen and is intuitive to operate. The implemented software is multilingual. Using the integrated VNC server, Multiwave PRO can be operated from a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Specially for the pharmaceutical industry

A custom-tailored pharma qualification and validation package is available for Multiwave PRO. This document meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry such as GMP, GAMP 5, 21 CFR Part 11 and USP <1058>.

Cooling: fast and quiet

The integrated cooling system with air gap design cools the vessels within a few minutes after the run. It is the most efficient cooling system on the market.

Safety without compromise

Numerous active and passive safety features protect the system, operator and surroundings in all situations.

Multiwave GO, easy and economic digestion

Multiwave GO is a routine digestion system with an extremely lightweight rotor for 12 vessels providing SMART VENT technology. Based on a DMC Directed Multimode Cavity - the new self-adjusting microwave field developed by Anton Paar - highly efficient heating is possible in an extremely small-footprint system. For efficient reaction control the internal vessel temperature of each vessel is controlled via an IR sensor.

Innovative DMC Directed Multimode Cavity

DMC Directed Multimode Cavity provides the best of both, monomode and multimode microwaves. As in a monomode system, the microwaves are directed to the sample, providing highly efficient heating in a compact system. As in a multimode system, more than one sample can be digested in a single run.

Different samples in one run via SMART VENT technology

SMART VENT technology enables precise pressure control in each vessel. The overpressure is safely released, which allows significantly increased digestion temperatures and high sample weights (up to 3 grams). SMART VENT also makes it possible to safely digest samples with different and unknown

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