Compact, Fast and Scalable Alternative to Traditional FTIR Spectroscopy

Ocean Optic's Miniature ATR Spectrometer MZ5

The Ocean MZ5 is a miniature ATR spectrometer with measurement capabilities from 1818–909 cm-1 (5.5-11 µm). This fully selfcontained instrument – including sample interface, light source and detector – provides a compact, fast and scalable alternative to traditional FTIR spectroscopy. Applications include chemical discrimination, food and flavorings analysis, environmental testing and scientific research. Ocean MZ5 is a complete system and does not require any external equipment such as light sources or fibers. Ocean Mirror, the dedicated software platform that comes with the system, is designed for measuring absorbance and transmittance of liquids placed on the instrument’s crystal surface. A rotating cover protects the crystal when not in use.


  • Spectral range: 1818–909 cm-1 (5.5-11 µm)
  • Signal to noise:  >300:1 (60 s measurement)
  • Spectral bandwidth (FWHM): 75 cm-1
  • Measurement time (typical): ~30 seconds
  • Operating environment: 0–45°C non-condensing
  • Storage environment: 0-60°C non-condensing 


  • Weight: ~812 g
  • Dimensions: 165 mm x 165 mm x 66 mm
  • ATR spectroscopy

  • ATR-MIR spectrometry

  • mid infrared spectroscopy

  • food analytics

  • environmental analysis

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