Significant Cost Savings: Complex Elemental Analyses Using X-ray Fluorescence

Minimal sample preparation, low detection limits, fast and reliable results

The new Epsilon 4 X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) benchtop delivers fast elemental analysis and low detection limits to enable faster process control and product quality decisions. The latest advances in excitation and detection technology have further improved the analytical capabilities of Malvern Panalytical energy dispersive XRF benchtop systems. Epsilon 4 demonstrates outstanding performance across the periodic table from C to Am with a low cost of ownership, opening the possibilities to tackle new and challenging applications traditionally performed by ICP and AAS. Sample preparation is minimal for your powder, solid, and liquid samples, and analysis is non-destructive. Epsilon 4 is ideal for elemental screening of unknown samples.

Norm-compliant performance

Epsilon 4’s high performance and stability over longer time enables norm and test method compliant results, including these norms:

  • EPA I.O 3.3 for air filter analysis
  • EPA Tier 3 for sulfur in automotive fuels
  • ASTM C114-15 for cement analysis
  • USP <232> for elemental impurities in pharmaceuticals
  • ASTM D7751, D6481 and ISO 8754 for lubricating oils
  • ISO 18227, ISO 15309 and ASTM C1255 for soil and fertilizer analysis

Accurate and precise analysis with dedicated calibrations

Epsilon 4 can be calibrated using certified reference materials that match the composition ofyour routine samples.  Malvern Panalytical can also offer calibration solutions for several key applications, like toxic elements in polymers, elemental impurities in pharmaceuticals, major and minor oxides in building materials and mining samples, sulfur in fuels and additives in lubricating oils.  In addition, Malvern Panalytical offers expertise to assist with method development and may be able to assist you with reference materials for your unique calibration needs.

Screening of any sample using sophisticated standardless analysis

For characterization and analysis of unknown samples, or for those cases where certified reference materials are not available, Omnian software for standardless analysis is the solution of choice.  Important applications include sample identification, screening, failure analysis, as well as the comparison of different materials.

Adding value to your analytical lab or at line process control

Epsilon 4 has been designed with high performance and low cost of ownership in mind.  Examples of this include:

  • Operation without helium gas or vacuum system saves cost, time to achieve conditions, and maintenance of vacuum pump
  • The system calibration lasts for years, allowing for more efficient use of the system and less cost of calibration maintenance
  • Fast measurements are enabled by unique detector electronics capable of linear operation to over 1.5Mcps, which means higher throughput and no need to throttle the power
  • Unattended operation is possible with 10 position sample changer and automatic transfer of results to LIMS


    • Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics
    • Food & environment
    • Building materials
    • Mining & minerals
    • Oils & fuels
    • Service Labs
    • Academia


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