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The Only 3D Particle Size and Shape Analyser in the World

Length, Width and Thickness: Three Dimensions in one Analysis

Microtrac is an established leader in the field of image analysis and delivers innovative particle size and shape analysis solutions. As part of Microtrac's image analysis product line, the PartAn 3D utilises dynamic image analysis to characterise particles in motion. Pictures of the analysed particles are digitised and stored in an image file. All gained data regarding size, shape and surface roughness and surface properties are available during measurement.

How does Microtrac's patented 3D particle measurement work? The PartAn 3D reports all size and shape parameters that a 2D dynamic image analysis can, with one major addition: Thickness. The sample is introduced to the system's feeder and its particles are rotating in free fall inside the measurement area. The moving particles are backlit by a stroboscopic light and captured by a high-resolution camera in different positions.
By having the ability to measure more than 30 morphological parameters (including size, shape / form, surface roughness, density, transparency, 3D and more) in one analysis, the PartAn 3D provides the user with superior analysis capability that enables quick and confident decision making regarding product quality.

The industry leading size range from 15 microns to 35 millimetres provides users with greater analysis flexibility to measure a variety of materials. The high-speed, high-resolution camera ensures that multiple and vivid pictures of your material are collected with 200 frames per second, which result in accurate analyses.

The PartAn 3D is engineered to be able to handle the toughest environments and is adaptable for any lab setting. Its rugged design and compact footprint guarantee a durable measurement system, while the self-cleaning mechanism reduces user intervention and increases optimal measurement capability.

Microtrac PartAn 3D is used for various applications such as mining, food processing, building materials, fertiliser, aggregates or glass beads.

Microtrac GmbH
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