Minimal Method Development – Maximal GC Uptime

Reliably quantify multiple contaminants in matrix sample, saving you time and money

Analytical laboratories working at full capacity are faced with the challenge of ensuring a comprehensive coverage of applications while working time and cost efficiently. This balancing act is now possible thanks to the Xevo TQ-GC mass spectrometer. Your results are reproducible even with difficult matrix samples. The highly reliable and sensitive Xevo TQ-GC routinely exceeds regulatory limits.

Efficient and flexible

The Xevo TQ-GC helps you to minimize the time needed for method development by accessing the Quanpedia™ method database of pre-set and custom methods. Quanpedia lets you easily cope with a wide variety of sample matrices, target analytes and GC methods. And best of all: the database already contains the most relevant classes of regulated compounds, so you can easily and flexibly adjust your settings when the regulations change.

Productive and reliable

The Xevo TQ-GC also lets you reduce turnaround times by increasing the number of components in a single run, all without significant loss of sensitivity at acquisition rates of up to 500 MRM/s. This means you can add more MRM transitions to an analysis while still achieving reliable, high-quality results.

Maximum uptime due to low maintenance

To avoid wasting valuable time on tedious maintenance, Xevo TQ-GC includes the intellistart system check. Intellistart informs you if the instrument is ready for injections and, if not, how to fix the identified issue. Device maintenance requires only very few tools. And whenever maintenance is indeed required, it is not only fast but also simple and therefore failsafe.

Operating the Xevo TQ-GC is straightforward and user-friendly. The workflow is basically the same for all applications. You do not have to be an expert, and the amount of training you need is small and manageable.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Easy method development thanks to workflows supported by the Quanpedia™ method database
  • High sensitivity and reliability, allowing you to easily detect even the smallest of traces
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to the user-friendly system check
  • Reduced training times and costs thanks to common software workflows for LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS analyses
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