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Plug&Play applies now also to automated controlled laboratory reactors - for newcomers and experts

Make your synthesis processes safer, more efficient and cost-effective - automatically better

As a specialist in automated laboratory reactors, SYSTAG offers user-focused solutions for demanding tasks in development, production and the qualification of chemical processes – all to make your processes safer, more efficient and cost-efficient. SYSTAG’s solutions to these challenges include the new ePAT, an automated lab reactor with uninterrupted data logging that can operate 24/7, and FlexyCUBE, the perfect solution for modular automation that meets your specific requirements.

ePAT - the simple automation solution for round-the-clock operation

The new ePAT is the perfect entry-level solution for automation technology in your lab. With its Plug & Play technology, ePAT combines exceptional ease of operation with the option of integrating a wide array of laboratory devices – for an almost unlimited number of jacketed reactors in the chemical laboratory. Process development with the new ePAT means uninterrupted data capture and online trends with all measurement data, which can be displayed at any time you choose. The automated data export feature prevents the loss of any data while giving you the option of using external applications to further process your laboratory report data.

FlexyCUBE – modular and flexible automation for process development

FlexyCUBE is a new concept that meets all the requirements for chemical process development in the laboratory. As a parallel synthesis reactor, FlexyCUBE allows laboratories to develop drugs, APIs or intermediates easier, faster and cheaper.

Up to six reactors can be monitored and controlled simultaneously from a PC – in both parallel and individual operation. Thanks to an external cooling thermostat, FlexyCUBE supports an extremely wide temperature range from -80 °C to 280 °C.

Various options, such as pH measurement and control, different reactor sizes, pressure reactors (glass or steel), different stirrer types, automatic distillation with boiling point detection and isothermal heat flow calorimetry, ensure maximum flexibility and reproducible results.

SYSTAG, System Technik AG
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