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Ultra-pure PFA Lab Bottles with Standardized GL 45 Thread

Chemically inert, hydrophobic and thermally stable for demanding analytical applications

PFA bottles with standardized GL 45 thread

GL 45-compatible adapters can be used

PFA bottles with standardized GL 45 thread

AHF analysentechnik AG offers bottles made from high-purity virgin PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy polymer) with a standardized GL 45 screw thread for connecting the bottle to multifunctional adaptors and other functional attachments. The properties of the polymer enable transport and storage of aggressive fluids and provides a safe and clean method for transferring media into an analytical device or into a second vessel without any losses. Probes and electrodes can be introduced via inlet adapters to the GL 45 closure and fixed in place. In addition, the translucent and scaled bottle offers a high stability and features a neck design with an optimum inclination to assure the emptying of the vessel nearly down to the last drop.

The material properties of the PFA bottle are chemical inertness, hydrophobicity, thermal resistance (from -200°C up to +260°C) and an absence of additives, i.e. the bottles do not leach any catalysts, plasticizers or stabilizers. Thus, this sort of bottle together with its standardized GL 45 screw thread for functional connections presents an excellent tool to make your lab work easier in a number of applications, such as high-sensitive analysis, ultra-pure manufacturing of chemicals or pharmaceutical substances, or the contamination-free transfer of liquids.

By offering this PFA bottle, AHF analysentechnik meets the highest requirements in a wide range of application areas including the pharmaceutical industry, environmental analytics, semiconductor technology, geochemistry and production of pure substances.

Currently, the PFA bottle is available in a volume of 500 ml, further volume sizes will become available.

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