iHILIC Columns - The best solution for the separation of hydrophilic and polar compounds

Standard HILIC belongs to the past - Welcome iHILIC

The iHILIC®-Product family is especially designed for the separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds via Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (HILIC).
This method allows the retention of highly polar compounds, which cannot be retained on a standard reversed phase column, where they simply would rush through.
Due to this fact and since many years HILIC is the method of choice for polar separation problems.
Also due to that, today many manufacturers offer a large variety of products for this chromatographic technique.

In complete contrast to those phases the iHILIC®-Product family is based on zwitterionic structures covalently bonded to silica or polymer beads.
While having more electrostatic and no ionic interactions, the iHILIC® products show a far better and an even more reproducible separation of the analytes on the column. An ideal combination to maximize selectivity and resolution.
The iHILIC®-Product family consists of 4 members. The two selectivities iHILIC®-Fusion and iHILIC®-Fusion(+) are a perfect match in their separation properties for the normal pH range from 2 to 8.
If harsh pH conditions are neccessary, the iHILIC®-Fusion(P) material is the best solution for the pH range between 1 and 10.

Within the whole iHILIC®-Product family all fundamental requirements for modern and robust chromatography phases are fulfilled.
This includes a high batch-to-batch reproducibility, robust characteristics in method development as well as worldwide availability and short delivery times.
The available particle sizes reach from 1.8 µm, 3.5 µm up to 5 µm with column IDs of 2.1 to 4.6 mm and different column lengths.
Based on its mirror-inverted mechanism compared to the reversed-phase chromatography, HILIC is also the ideal method of choice for sample preparations. Ideally here the iSPE®-HILIC cartridges as the fourth member of the iHILIC®-Product family find their application.

Summarizing the above, it can be said, that the iHILIC®-Product family is useful in any chromatography lab working with HPLC or UHPLC for the separation of polar compounds.
Here for end users like in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, in environmental labs, at institutes
for food analysis, at research institutes and universities, HILIC with iHILIC® is the method of choice.

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