Thermogravimetric Analysis Combined with Evolved Gas Analysis

Complete molecular identification of materials with EGA methods

Thermogravimetric analysis combined with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (TGA-GC/MS) is nowadays the method of choice for qualitative and quantitative evolved gas analysis (EGA). This combination of methods allows thermal effects to be correlated with information about the molecular nature, structure and composition of materials.
Features and benefits of the METTLER TOLEDO TGA-IST16-GC/MS

Exact results and time savings with the IST 16 storage interface.

With the IST 16 storage interface a continous TGA measurement can be separated into 16 independent GC/MS experiments. GC/MS single samples are automatically sampled at freely defined temperatures or dates, separated and analyzed. Therefore 16 CG/MS analyses are conducted in a single TGA experiment. This makes results comparable and saves time during the test and sample preparation.

Straightforward and efficient automatic operation

After entering the test parameters in the software, the test runs automatically. This guarantees exact sampling and easy operation.
Versatile and cost-effective day-to-day operation

Besides the fully automatic measurement in combination with a TGA the GC/MS also allows for individual operation for manual measurements. For existing GC/MS systems there is a cost-effective and easy way to combine them with the IST 16 storage interface or the METTLER TOLEDO TGA.  

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