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ATR-FTIR & Raman Spectra of New Psychoactive Substances

Fast and reliable identification of new psychoactive substances

Legal Highs, Bath Salts and similar synthetic cannabinoids & cathinones
These drugs are highly dangerous and can cause serious health problems with deadly consequences.

Samples of Piperazines and other synthetic drugs
Piperazines mimic the effects of known drugs in an unpredictable way and are produced as a very dangerous alternative to those illicit drugs.

Exclusive Spectra Database of Designer Drugs, New Psychoactive Substances, Legal Highs, Research Chemicals, Doping and other Illicit Substances

In cooperation with the German customs laboratory S.T.Japan-Europe Gmbh is issuing two new spectra libraries (ATR-FTIR and Raman) of New Psychoactive Substances.

As the circulation of designer drugs grows exponentially, the demand for fast and accurate detection and identification of new psychoactive substances is higher than ever before.

Optical techniques, particularly ATR-FTIR and Raman spectroscopy are used increasingly for quick and reliable qualitative analysis of illegal drugs, NPS, Research Chemicals, and other adulterants. But a major challenge is the lack of available reference spectra databases of these substances since they are new to the market and consequently not yet been characterized.

In order to support the detection and identification of NPS, S.T.Japan-Europe GmbH now provides ATR-FTIR and Raman spectra databases of NPS such as phenethylamine, synthetic cannabinoids and cathinones, piperazine, tryptamines, mephedrone, steroids, etc.

These databases are an essential resource for all analytical labs that need to be able to quickly and accurately identify a suspicious substance. The databases are compatible with the software of all major instrument manufacturers.

As it is critical that the identification of NPS keeps up with this rapidly evolving market the databases will be continuously updated with new data.

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