Advanced Process Control with the New Transmitter

for pH/Redox, Oxygen, Conductivity and Co.

Due to increasing requirements of quality and security controls as well as process efficiency, the need for continuous and automated monitoring of process operations is growing. In addition to the suitable inline sensor for matching the application, a transmitter is also required to process the measured value. Robustness, reliability and simple operation are the most important factors for transmitters. The new generation of the M400 single-channel multi-parameter transmitter has been developed for a wide range of applications and is particularly user-friendly. The new 4-wire transmitter M400 is designed for the key analytical parameters such as pH, conductivity, DO and oxygen content in the gas-phase.
In addition, the redox potential, dissolved CO2 and dissolved ozone can also be measured.

Depending on the model, the same instrument can process different analytical parameters, making it a universal instrument in process analysis technology. The M400 transmitter is equipped with all necessary pre-amplifiers right from the start and thus guarantees maximum flexibility. Due to the robust, coated aluminum housing, the M400 transmitter can withstand even extreme temperatures and harsh industrial environments. The M400 transmitter series is rounded off by a 2-wire version, which can also be used in hazardous areas due to ATEX/FM certification. Thanks to its unique mixed-mode input, which allows the use of analog sensors or modern digital sensors with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM), the M400 is ideal for a smooth transition from analog to digital technology.

In addition, the ISM functionality ensures predictive maintenance to avoid unexpected shutdowns and minimizes maintenance. The Dynamic Lifetime Indicator (DLI) indicates when the sensor needs to be replaced, the Adaptive Calibration Timer (ACT) monitors the time to the next calibration, and the Time to Maintenance (TTM) shows when the next service has to be done. You always have real-time online monitoring and a comprehensive display of sensor diagnostic information.
The Plug and Measure function allows quick and easy replacement of pre-calibrated sensors. The measurement system configures itself to ensure error-free installation. The measured value and the diagnostic data can be transmitted to the PLS or asset management systems via an analog 0/4...20mA signal. Alternatively, digital communication protocols or bus systems such as HART®, Profibus®, FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ can also be used.

The innovative combination of a touch screen and soft keys ensures simple and convenient operation even under demanding conditions without compromising ergonomics. The 4 softkeys can be operated with gloves, ensuring full operation in harsh environments.

Using the high-contrast black-and-white touchscreen and its intuitive and consistent menu structure for the various analytical parameters, teaching and parameterizing the transmitter becomes so easy. The training of new users and the operating time in daily operation can be significantly reduced.

Thanks to the configuration tool, parameter settings can be quickly and easily transferred via the PC and the USB interface to other transmitters of the same type. The Transmitter configuration tool, with its bidirectional capability, significantly reduces the time required for programm transmitters and ensures consistency in programming several transmitters or duplicate an existing configuration.

Find out more about the new generation of the M400 series and update your measuring points.

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