Particle Size Analyzers with Multiple-Laser Technology for a Wide Size Range

Measure Wet and Dry Samples with Just One Instrument

The PSA (Paricle Size Analyzer) was invented in 1967 as the world's first laser diffraction particle size analyzer. Today, it combines over fifty years of experience with unique features like the possibility to measure dry and wet samples with just one setup and a state-of-the-art software that allows for measurements at the touch of a button.

Three models to choose from, depending on the particle size

Depending on the particle size of the samples, three different models are available. The single-laser PSA 990 covers a wide measuring range of 0.2 μm to 500 μm. For an even broader range, PSA 1090 and PSA 1190 have a unique optical design for diffraction analysis, which includes multiple lasers. While PSA 1090 has been designed with two lasers to resolve particles as small as 40 nm, PSA 1190 contains an additional third laser to cover the full measurement range of up to 2.5 mm.
PSA instruments are the only particle size analyzers that can be configured with fully integrated liquid and dry dispersion modes in one instrument. You can switch between the two modes with just one click, no manual adjustments are necessary.

Unique features and robust design for most accurate results

Furthermore, the patented Dry Jet Dispersion (DJD) technology (FR2933314) allows for efficient dispersing and precise analysis of powder particles. The innovative design features an air pressure regulator that quickly and easily adjusts the air flow in accordance with the sample properties. The shear forces created by the air flow separate agglomerated particles, and in this way the size of each single particle is detected even when working with sticky samples. The optical bench design is the only one of its kind: it has all optical components permanently mounted on a cast-iron base plate. This ensures alignment-free operation, even in the harshest environments. Furthermore the PSA series is fully ISO 13320 compliant to meet the requirements for traceable, accurate, and repeatable results.

Solutions for a wide range of industries

The PSA instruments, in fact, were designed following a request from the cement industry to develop a new technique for particle size measurement. To date, the requirements have not changed and the instruments are still widely used in the cement and building industry. The robust design also comes into play in the mining and minerals industry, as all optical components are mounted on a cast-iron base plate to ensure the system remains in alignment even under the harshest conditions.
ISO 13320 compliance makes the PSA series also suitable for the pharma and cosmetics industry, due to highest accuracy and full repeatability. Moreover, particle size is an important parameter affecting the characteristics of food products or for users in the chemical and petrochemical industries; they are challenged with analyzing particles in the sub-micrometer range.

Accessories for small sample volumes and batch measurements

The PSA series can be either equipped with a small volume unit or combined with an autosampler. The Small Volume Unit (SVU) was specially designed for users who need to reduce the measured sample volume, e.g. to save on costly samples. The PSA Autosampler is able to automatically pick up and pour up to 30 samples (wet or dry dispersions).

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