The first metering pump in the world with a regulated solenoid drive

Maximum metering quality, maximum process safety and maximum cost-effectiveness

The gamma/ XL product range is high-end technology with a unique global innovation: optoDrive® is a controlled solenoid drive, permitting maximum adaptation to the metering task in hand – with maximum precision.

The gamma/ XL pump is the first pump worldwide with controlled solenoid drive.

The suction and pressure strokes are fully monitored and can be adapted to the individual application. The delta metering pump is equipped for almost any application thanks to numerous drive options as well as the connection via Profibus® or CANbus to the central control station. The pump is equipped with the option “Process Timer" and thus can be used as control centre in cases where otherwise programmable logic controllers would be required.


  • Flexible adaptation to the metering task ensuring optimal metering accuracy
  • The integrated injection control optoGuard® detects hydraulic failures which can then be messaged via the optional relays
  • High level of economy thanks to savings with regard to accessories such as e.g. pulsation dampeners, flow monitoring etc.
  • High metering accuracy even at varying backpressure


  • Highly automated processes, in particular also filling processes in all industries
  • Processes where continuous metering is required such as e.g. metering of antiscalants in diaphragm engineering (smallest continuous metering volume approx. 12 ml/h)
  • Metering of outgassing and high-viscosity media


  • Output range 7.5 - 75 l/h, 25 - 2 bar
  • Continuous or pulsing operation
  • Programmable duration of pressure and suction stroke
  • Diaphragm rupture detection and signalling (optional)
  • Detection of blocked points of injection, ruptured metering lines and trapped air or gas bubbles in the dosing head by the integral injection point monitor optoGuard
  • Continuous stroke length adjustment between 0 - 100 % (recommended 30 - 100 %)
  • Material versions PVDF, clear acrylic/PVC and stainless steel
  • External control via potential-free contacts with pulse step-up and step-down
  • External control via standard signal 0/4-20 mA (optional)
  • Interface for PROFIBUS® or CANopen
  • Connector for 2-stage level switch
  • Automatic bleeding
  • dosing

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