10-Position Autosampler ERAFLASH S10

The Automated Side of Safe Flash Point Testing

Safe, simple and excellent correlation to international standards

ERAFLASH S10 is eralytics unique 10-position autosampler flash point tester. It is the perfect instrument for the automated analysis of up to 10 samples making it the analyzer of choice for high-throughput laboratories, handling large amounts of samples every day.

ERAFLASH S10  uses the innovative CCCFP – Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point Method ASTM D6450 and D7094 that offer ASTM proven excellent correlation to Pensky Martens testers (ASTM D93) as well as the European equivalent IP620.
With only 1-2 mL of sample volume it is the ideal instrument for unattended flash point measurements and guarantees maximum safety.  Due to the closed chamber during the whole measurement process the measurement is intrinsically safe with no open flame - there is no risk at all of a fire in the lab.

Unrivaled temperature range in combination with a small sample volume

With its unrivaled temperature range of -25 to 420 °C (-13 to 788 °F) ERAFLASH S10 can be used for fuel specification purposes. It is also a very cost efficient tool for special applications like the flavors and fragrances industry all the way to big used oil testing facilities.  

All-time performance

All industries profit from the small sample volume and the patented Peltier Boost TechnologyTM (PBT). The eralytics patented PBT – Peltier Boost TechnologyTM allows fastest heating and cooling rates. With only one single device this innovative technology supports an unprecedented  temperature range and allows significantly shorter turnaround times than all other flash point testers on the market.

Cooling Lid for ERAFLASH S10

ERAFLASH S10's optional cooling lid is an unsurpassed benefit, especially in applications that involve highly volatile samples. The lid keeps the pending samples at a stable temperature, which makes volatile compounds far less likely to evaporate before their measurement starts. Therefore, results are more precise and more reliable. With pre-cooled sample cups cooling during the measurement can be less intense, which results in shorter turnaround times.

Quality Control Mode right on the instrument

ERAFLASH S10 comes with a quality control mode right on the instrument. The user can set individual warning levels to each QC sample to perform efficient quality control. QC charts are immediately available to easily identify long term drifts and perform statistical evaluations of results.

The new Software Generation 8 offers an even more user-friendly interface, guiding the user easy and fast through all necessary measurement steps.

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  • ASTM D6450

  • ASTM D7094

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