Photometer inspection easy as never before!

Test solutions for the determination of photometric accuracy and linearity

Internal Quality Control (IQC) is the basis for correct and accepted measurement results in water analysis. IQC includes measures like standard measurements and plausibility checks, but also regular inspections of measurement devices, so called inspection equipment monitoring.

MACHEREY-NAGEL offers a broad range of products for Internal Quality Control. Our NANOCONTROL series includes standards and spiking solutions for all important parameters in water and waste water analysis. Furthermore, we offer suitable inspection tools for inspection equipment monitoring of photometers and heating blocks.

Our spectrophotometers NANOCOLOR® VIS II and NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II are equipped with a comprehensive IQC menu, which includes all important tools for an inspection of the photometers and the whole analysis system. The integrated lamp-check controls the spectrophotometer’s light sources for correct function. Unique in the market is the in-build holmium oxide filter, which is used for the wavelength accuracy check. Purchasing an external testing filter is not necessary, which saves costs.

MACHEREY-NAGEL has now extended its product range by a comfortable tool for the inspection of photometric accuracy and linearity. The brand-new NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK 2.0 enables a check of these two crucial parameters with exceptional simplicity. All important wavelengths of NANOCOLOR® tube tests from 345 to 800 nm can be checked for their photometric accuracy with NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK 2.0. For this two colored solutions are used, which are included in the test-set in three concentrations each. These solutions are checked and measured in a reference photometer within the MACHEREY-NAGEL quality control. The results are documented in a comprehensive certificate, which is included in the product. Target values and confidence intervals of all verifiable 17 wavelengths can be programmed comfortably on the spectrophotometers NANOCOLOR® VIS II and NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II by the 2D barcode on every box. Afterwards, the photometer guides the user intuitively through the measurement with step-by-step instructions. Therefore, even un-trained staff can safely perform the inspection. The latest NANOCOLOR® spectrophotometers automatically perform a photometric linearity check in parallel to the photometric accuracy test. Like this, two important inspections can be performed in less than 4 minutes.

The evaluation of all features for photometer inspection like lamp check, wavelength accuracy, photometric accuracy and linearity check, happens automatically after the certain measurement. A certificate can be printed for all measures directly after the measurement. Alternatively, the protocols can be exported to a computer via USB-Stick or network connection. Thus, you are always ready for your next audit.

With NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK 2.0 and our spectrophotometers NANOCOLOR® VIS II and NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II you can perform the complete inspection equipment monitoring on your own in less than 10 minutes.

NANOCONTROL NANOCHECK 2.0 is also suitable to control all filters in your MACHEREY-NAGEL filter photometer.

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