Saxspace – the Compact Solution for High-Throughput Analysis in Saxs and Waxs

Your reliable partner for routine SAXS and WAXS analysis

SAXSpace is our workhorse for fast SAXS and WAXS measurements and routine analysis for a broad range of diverse samples. With its well-proven scatterless block collimation concept it provides a well-defined and intense X-ray beam which illuminates a large sample volume. This allows the measurement of weakly scattering samples like protein solutions, micelles, hydrogels with a reliable and robust lab instrument. It delivers insights into the structural characteristics which are important to understand material’s properties and behaviour in real life.

With its easy handling and push-button alignment, SAXSpace is ideally suited for routine SWAXS analysis and quality control applications. Together with the ASX autosampler SAXSpace is optimized for high-throughput screening of up to 192 liquid samples - fully automatically and unsupervised. This saves you valuable working time, you might need to interpret received data and plan your next investigation steps. Especially for screening of biological materials with a lot of different modified samples, SAXSpace, supports you to deliver scattering data per modification step. The received structural data can be compared with data from complementary methods to get the whole picture of your sample's characteristics.

To receive utmost insight into the structural properties of your sample small- and wide-angle-X-ray scattering can be performed in one go with SAXSpace’s unique TrueSWAXS feature. This functionality enables the collection of scattering data from small to wide angles simultaneously and continuously informing on the molecular structure as well as on smaller structures like crystal lattices at the atomic level.

To spotlight BioSAXS applications, SAXS enables you to study biological macromolecules and their complexes in solution under physiological (real life) conditions. To investigate e.g. dynamic processes of biomolecules the molecule sample has to be in its native state to understand binding processes of different molecules like e.g. APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), to follow folding/unfolding processes, or to understand degeneration as well as protein stability under changing environmental conditions. SAXS measurements with SAXSpace deliver information on size and shape, degree on aggregation, folding and unfolding, molecular weight and 3D envelopes of proteins and complexes.
SAXSpace comes with dedicated control and analysis software packages to ease data processing and analysis for your experiments no matter if serial measurements, single measurements or temperature scans are needed.

You additional benefit from the spacious sample chamber and versatile sample stages, allowing for full experimental flexibility. This makes SAXSpace an ideal tool for investigating nanostructures in many different materials, including nanoparticles, biological macromolecules (BioSAXS), surfactants, emulsions, colloidal dispersions , polymers, fibres, and pharmaceuticals.

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