SAXSpoint 2.0 – The Laboratory SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS beamline

SAXSpoint 2.0 is your partner for unlimited nano research in the laboratory

In material and life sciences it is crucial to understand materials’ structural properties and interaction behaviours within inorganic and organic matrices, develop new materials and investigate chemical and biological processes for drug design and drug delivery.

SAXSpoint 2.0 is a lab-scale SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS system for the analysis of nanostructured materials. It enables the determination of size, size distribution and shape of particles as well as investigations of structural changes and dynamics of nano-sized domains. Materials’ porosity, crystallinity and molecular mass are additional parameters one can determine using small-angle X-ray scattering. SAXSpoint 2.0 is especially suited for analysis of anisotropic materials and nanostructured surfaces. It is equipped with the brilliant Primux 100 micro X-ray source by Anton Paar. Together with the advanced ASTIX optics by AXO Dresden SAXSpoint 2.0 provides outstanding X-ray flux and highest spectral purity. In combination with the world’s brightest MetalJet microfocus X-ray source by Excillum brings SAXSpoint 2.0 even closer to the synchrotron level. You benefit from high-quality data faster than ever even for weakly scattering samples.
Combined with the latest hybrid photon-counting (HPC) detectors it ensures short measurement time and high-quality SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS results for the perfect analysis of your nanostructured materials.
SAXSpoint features ultimate resolution at a compact size allowing you to analyse nanostructures up to 310 nm (Bragg distances).

Benefit from SAXSpoint’s large variety of innovative and versatile sample stages which are designed and manufactured by Anton Paar and therefore fit perfect to SAXSpoint 2.0 to ensure the best data quality for your specific application environment. Choose from a wide range of temperature-controlled, humidity, GISAXS/GIXD and Tensile stages.
Benefit with SAXSpoint 2.0 from a non-destructive method providing structural information over a broad application range like polymers, liquid crystals, thin films, nanoparticles and nanostructured surfaces.

  • small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering

  • structure analysis

  • nanostructure analysis

  • particle analysis

  • material analysis

  • SAXS systems

  • WAXS systems

  • GISAXS systems

  • particle analyzers

  • diffractometers

  • hybrid photon-counting detectors

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