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Ideal Material for Many Layers, Pressure and Temperature with Enormous Bonding Strength

PVB-based film material with excellent bonding power for use as a thermoplastic interlayer

Mowital® thin film is a PVB-based film material. Thanks to its excellent bonding strength, the product is ideal for laminating a wide variety of materials – including glass, metal, ceramics, polymer fibers and polyurethane (PU) foam. As a thermoplastic intermediate layer, the material adds excellent stability to materials such as multilayer composites. In addition, Mowital® Thin Film is suitable for the production of thermoplastic prepregs. These textile fiber matrix semi-finished products are cured under pressure at temperatures of up to 160° Celsius. They can be used in the manufacture of compact composite materials that require a very high technical load-bearing capacity and lightness

Mowital® thin film is used in the lamination of various materials such as glass, metal, polymer fiber or polyurethane (PU) foam. With its excellent bonding strength, it provides complex multi-layer composites, for example, with enormous long-term stability.


  • Adhesive laminate films supplied on rolls
  • High bonding power to glass, metals, ceramics, polymeric fabrics and poly-
    urethane foams
  • Transparent
  • Thermoplastic matrix material
  • Non-toxic
  • Nearly unlimited shelf-life
  • Multi-layer structures made of different substrates


  • Multi-layer composites / laminates
  • Thermoplastic prepregs
  • Glass bonding, e.g. for design applications
  • Fibreglass laminates
  • Laminates with metal film or metal sheet, e.g. steel or copper
  • Bonding of various metals
  • Ceramic laminates
  • Bonded honeycomb sandwich structures made from different substrates
  • Lightweight constructions

Kuraray, one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals manufacturers, is now offering its high-performance polyvinyl butyral (PVB) thin film under the name Mowital® Thin Film. Up until now, the film material has been available as Trosifol® Thin Film. With this rebranding, Kuraray is further expanding its Mowital series and consoledating its entire range of technical PVB materials under the trade name. Under this trade name, Kuraray offers numerous PVB materials in the form of powders, granulates and now also on films. Mowital® is compatible with many polymers and solvents and is ideal for a broad spectrum of applications, from paints and printing inks, to adhesives, ceramics, films, 3D printing filaments, and construction applications.

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