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New PVB Material for High Temperatures with Optimized Rheology

Ideal for highest quality and minimized material use for industrial coating processes

Kuraray presents a new material based on Mowital® polyvinyl butyrals (PVB). Polyvinyl acetal BA 55 HH features a unique rheology and viscosity, which gives coatings and paints very smooth flow properties, ensuring higher quality and minimized material use for industrial coating processes, such as curtain coating.
Temperature-resistant – for stoving enamels and heat-sealable lacquers

BA 55 HH features an up to 40 percent higher glass transition temperature (Tg) compared with similar materials on the market. This makes the PVB material perfect for applications with high processing temperatures starting at 200 degrees Celsius – for example as a binding agent for stoving enamels and heat-sealable lacquers or thermoplastic glues.

With BA 55 HH, Kuraray is expanding its unique portfolio. Under the Mowital® brand, the specialized chemical manufacturer offers PVB materials with technical and chemical properties that are ideally tailored to a wide range of applications, from printing inks to adhesive systems.

Characteristics of polyvinyl butyrals:

  •     Enormous number of applications
  •     Indispensable component of prepregs and composites
  •     Improved flexibility and good adhesion on different substrates
  •     Prevents rusting of steel as a component of corrosion protection primers
  •     Excellent surface adhesion
  •     Superior flow and pigment wetting properties


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