Effective Transport of µL-Samples with the xLess

Start into a new dimension of sample transport in ultra-trace analysis!

The new xLess system developed by AHF analysentechnik fulfills challenging tasks for sample transport systems in ultra-trace analysis with ICP-MS: Long-distance transport from the autosampler to detector, automatic and continuous control in 24/7 operation mode, stable measuring over minutes in ultra-pure conditions which ensure highest sample integrity. The whole system is fully automative and can be programmed and controlled either by a TCP/IP or a RS-232 interface.
Your Benefits:

  • Transport of extremely small volumes (down to 2 μL)
  • Up to 12 m distance from autosampler
  • Ultra-pure conditions, due to exclusive use of perfluorinated components
  • Permanent purging of system
  • Pulsation-free injection into detector
  • Sample and tuning-loop for different measurement volumes

Working Principle of the xLess

The xLess system can transport samples over a large distance up to 12 m to the ICP-MS instrument. The sample is transported into the loop via a peristaltic pump where sensors detect the sample and its exact position at all times. Then a completely glass and metal-free syringe pump takes over and presses the sample, pulsation-free, into the ICP-MS. This procedure allows you to use extremely small liquid volumes. They are inserted completely into the ICP-MS which increases the economics of the sample-usage up to 100%! Furthermore, by precise switching to the syringe pump the ICP-MS knows exactly when the sample arrives.

Depending on the tube diameter, one can choose the transport of sample volumes down to 2 μL. The samples are delivered completely and with a precise flow-rate down to 5 μL / min into the nebulizer, making it possible to monitor even extremely small samples over minutes to achieve unrivalled accuracy of element concentration in the sample.

  • sample transport

  • ultra-trace analysis

  • ICP-MS

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