Milli-Q® CLX 7000 Connected Water Purification Systems

High-throughput, connected analyzer feed systems for pure water needs up to 3000 L/day

The Milli-Q® CLX 7000 series of connected water purification systems provides clinical laboratories with an economical and reliable pure water solution for volumes of up to 3000 L/day, fulfilling CLRW needs for one or several high-throughput clinical analyzers.

The Milli-Q CLX 7000 Connected Series incorporates the most advanced water purification technologies, such as our Elix® electrodeionization (EDI) module and E.R.A.™ (Evolutive Reject Adjustment) technology. Plus, new Milli-Q Connect® remote service and monitoring capability gives you built-in support. These features make it easier for biomedical labs to assure productivity 24/7, reduce running costs, and save time thanks to minimal maintenance required and powerful data management capabilities that facilitate audit and accreditation processes.

Thanks to newly integrated Milli-Q Connect service portal, authorized users enjoy 24/7 real-time remote monitoring and control of their Milli-Q CLX 7000 water purification systems. Remote diagnostics—and even repairs—are possible by our service team. Full monitoring and remote control help to maximize uptime for the water purification system and analyzers alike. For additional control and ease-of-use, the system features an intuitive touchscreen user interface. This flexible interface can be accessed directly on the system or using the Milli-Q Connect secure interface.

Product Features

  • Fulfills pure water needs for one or several high-throughput clinical analyzers
  • Elix EDI technology ensures a reliable, constant source of CLRW-quality water with low and predictable running costs
  • Patented E.R.A. technology reduces water consumption up to 50%
  • New Milli-Q Connect remote service and monitoring capability supports maximal analyzer uptime and simplified data management
  • Full monitoring and data archiving capabilities help fulfill accreditation needs
  • Touchscreen display, low maintenance, and automated consumables traceability ensure intuitive use and time savings
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