Self-optimizing LC-MS System for Biopharmaceutical Analyses

The new Waters BioAccord lets you switch your LC-MS to autopilot to reach your objectives faster

The BioAccord system enables even users without expert knowledge to generate and evaluate LC-MS data on the spot in the biopharmaceutical lab, tasks that until now had to be performed in centralized MS laboratories. From development to QC, the system makes the analysis of biotherapeutic protein attributes more effective, so you’ll get relevant data faster. This increases your lab’s productivity and significantly reduces the time to market.

Typical applications

  • Intact mass/subunit analysis
  • Peptide mapping/monitoring
  • Released glycan analysis

Consistent analysis results

The system is based on the Waters UNIFI compliance-ready LC-MS software platform and has been optimized for intact protein, glycan and peptide studies. This gives you analysis results that are consistent between users of all experience levels.

Optimized for maximum uptime

All components of the integrated system are configured, tested and installed together. This ensures a fast setup in your laboratory and maximum uptime for routine applications. While operating, the SmartMS feature optimizes your system automatically, detects faults and provides guidance on how to resolve these.

Ready to operate fast

The automated setup of the system removes the need for extensive training and gives you the confidence that you have full control of your LC-MS system.

Into the audit with a smile

The BioAccord system provides you with a consistent, complete audit trail for acquisition, processing and reporting. This simplifies your audit preparations and lets you go into the audit with peace of mind.

  • protein analytics

  • glycan analytics

  • peptide analytics

  • peptide mapping

  • biopharmaceutical analysis

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