Gas Chromatography with the Multidetek 2 - Multiple Channels, Multiple Processes, Multiple Detectors

Wide measuring range from sub-ppb traces to percentage rates for maximum flexibility

MultiDetek 2 Compact Gas Chromatograph

Designed for both industrial and laboratory use, MultiDetek 2 measures multiple trace impurities, with many configurations possible in the same instrument. Based on the new generation of LDetek’s Plasma Emission Detector, versions are also available featuring FID and TCD sensors to extend the measurement capabilities. MultiDetek 2 uses argon, helium or nitrogen as carrier gases.

The wide operating range starts from sub-ppb up to % level measurements for maximum flexibility.
The instrument is also designed for simple operation with a user-friendly 8.4” touch-screen interface and front opening door to allow easy access for maintenance.


  • A single instrument allows multiple trace impurity measurements.
  • Easy to use and maintain, with large touch screen interface, keyboard connection and easy access panel.
  • Wide measurement range covers sub-ppb to percent measurements.
  • Ethernet connection allows remote operation.


  • Measuring trace impurities in industrial bulk gas production.
  • Measuring trace impurities for electronics and semi-conductor manufacture.
  • Monitoring greenhouse gases in laboratory research.
  • Air analysis for process control or in laboratory conditions.
  • Detecting trace hydrocarbons in ultra-high purity oxygen.
  • Monitoring high-CO2 atmospheres in the production of fruit and flowers.
  • Monitoring CO2 quality for beverage industry.
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