Measure Osmolality Accurately and Reproducibly in Less Than 2 Minutes

KNAUER’s Osmometer Simplifies Your Quality Control

Osmometry takes all dissolved particles of an aqueous liquid into account, regardless of their chemical properties, and as a result you receive a single value. This value shows you at a glance whether your product meets the quality criteria.

Precision task in under 2 minutes

You work with a manageable sample volume of between 50 µl and 150 μl and thus avoid dosing errors. The measurement itself takes place automatically and can yield results in less than two minutes. This saves you time and allows you to achieve a high throughput even without a sample changer.

An optional software solution enables you to control the instrument by computer and to save your results digitally. If needed, a barcode scanner can also be used to automatically identify the samples.

Small footprint – not only on the lab bench

The osmometer takes up very little space on the lab bench. Its footprint of just 160 mm x 340 mm allows you to use your available workspace efficiently.

The instrument also leaves a small environmental footprint. With a maximum power consumption of just 70 watts, it is energy-efficient and thus conserves our natural resources. Its refined technology and compact design is likely to give you a long working life, extending well beyond the warranty period of two years.

Excellent service before and after purchasing

To convince you that this osmometer is what you need, we are happy to perform some test measurements for you free of charge. Even after purchasing, our free personal or telephone customer service is available to you. Your investment will therefore be worthwhile for years to come.

Typical applications for osmometers

  • Quality control of infusion solutions, inhalation and rinsing solutions as well as eye drops; meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia
  • Determining the osmolality of isotonic beverages
  • Process monitoring and quality control of reagents and chemicals
  • Research on plant sap and insect haemolymph, analysis of nutrient solutions and cell culture media
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