Preparative HPLC: Flexibility Meets Convenience

A Flexible, Modular System for High-Performance Separations of Large Sample Volumes

For the successful purification of samples, you ideally want to handle large sample volumes conveniently and have the flexibility to perform different purification tasks. Whether in synthesis or for APIs, the modular AZURA prep HPLC systems from KNAUER are your perfect solution.

That’s because preparative HPLC is primarily about obtaining a substance in high purity. And ideally, the purification of your sample leaves enough material over for your next steps.
Configured to your specific requirements

The modular Azura prep HPLC systems can be easily adapted to best meet your unique challenges. It is possible to configure the entire system from injection to sample collection. Determine your priorities with regards to throughput, purity or yield and set the separation parameters as you want them. Flow rates are selectable from 10 ml/min to 1000 ml/min. There it is, your ideal purification system, tailored to your priorities!

Easy scale-up to protect your investment

You can start with the AZURA base unit and add additional modules to your system to meet your specific challenges, such as higher throughput. The possibility to expand your existing system means you do not have to invest in a new instrument. Additional modules are simply placed on top of each other, so you do not need extra space.

You’re currently working with components from another manufacturer? No problem. KNAUER specializes in bespoke solutions and can even integrate third-party instruments.

Convenient to operate

The AZURA prep HPLC systems have been meticulously designed for intuitive operability. The LED status indicator shows you the status of all modules at a glance. The control software visualizes the system in a way that makes it extremely easy to control processes.

The preparative HPLC system is supported by the powerful and easy-to-use PurityChrom® software. Use either pre-set methods or create methods of your own that are volume or time based.

What is it that you want to purify?

The KNAUER systems can be adapted to best match the required scale of your preparative HPLC. Select the appropriate purification process for your samples, and we'll help you configure your system!

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