Handystep® touch – the First Repeating Pipette with Touchscreen Operation

The New Generation in the Laboratory

Touchscreen operation provides many advantages: Desired functions are quickly and easily accessed with a simple swipe, important information is always in view, and integrated help functions are just a tap away. The BRAND® HandyStep® touch now brings all the advantages of touchscreen efficiency to your laboratory. Its user interface (UI) was inspired by smartphones and uses self-explanatory, easily understood symbols.

In addition, the HandyStep touch offers many other advantages. Attaching tips is as simple as inserting the tip and initiating automatic locking with a tap of your finger – done! With electronic tip ejection, removing tips is just as easy: simply tap on the display screen, confirm with the press of a button, and the tip is ejected!
Electronic tip ejection reduces the risk of contamination.

Dispensing with the HandyStep touch is effortless. A simple press with the index finger operates the Step button, minimizing the risk for RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury Syndrome). With the integrated Favorites function, complex processes can be saved to avoid repetitive programming. Once a defined process is saved as a favorite, the user can access it again and again.

The HandyStep® touch S model offers an extended range of functions, for increased flexibility in the laboratory. In addition to the standard HandyStep touch modes “Multi-Dispensing”, “Auto-Dispensing” and “Pipetting”, the HandyStep touch S also includes “Sequential Dispensing”, “Multi-Aspiration” and “Titration” modes.

Setting up different dispensing steps in “Sequential Dispensing” mode is particularly straightforward. Up to 10 different steps can be defined with individual volumes. Steps can be changed, added or deleted, at any time. Several steps can be looked at simultaneously, in tabular form, without switching the view. This way, the user recognizes immediately when an error has occurred in the series; for example, as a result of duplication or skipping a work step.

The HandyStep touch repeating pipette automatically detects the volume of BRAND PD-Tips II. The previous generation of BRAND PD-Tips. Tips from many other manufacturers can be also used. Due to the positive displacement principle, the HandyStep touch can be used for wide range of applications, including for volatile, foamy or highly viscous media.

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