Titration made affordable for everyone

The Top 3 Advantages

No more need to prepare or clean glass pipets and burets


Precise results in the µL range – at the push of a button


An automated titrator with a three-year warranty for just 3.100 EUR

Forget glass burets – start titrating with the new Eco Titrator

Reliable results, easy to use, and a true bargain from the global market leader in titration: The new Eco Titrator from Metrohm is an entry-level titrator for anyone looking for maximum accuracy and reliability at an affordable price.

Typical Applications:

  • Acidity and chloride in foodstuffs
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in beverages
  • Total hardness and chloride in water
  • TAN and TBN in petrochemicals
  • Acid and metal content in galvanic plating baths
  • Anionic, cationic, and non-ionic surfactants in cosmetic products and detergents

Save time

It could not be faster: Weigh in the sample, put it on the integrated stand with the stirrer and start the titration with a single touch of the user interface. You don‘t have to be present to monitor the titration, as is still the case when using glass burets: The endpoint is registered fully automatically by the Eco Titrator. Not only can you read the dosed volume of titrant from the display, but also the result of the analysis.

Robust and reproducible results

The analytical precision of the Eco Titrator can compete with that of high-end titration instruments. This is due to the Eco Titrator‘s high-resolution measuring input. Consequently, you can absolutely rely on the analysis results. As the endpoint of the titration is registered automatically,

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