Keep Risks Out of Your Lab

Daily Safety, Risk Prevention & Emergency Help that Meet Your High Expectations

Our “Safety Inside” brochure visualizes how we combine innovative products and packaging with individual support to keep you safe, simplify your lab work, and help you save resources – throughout every stage of your analysis.

Learn about our innovative packaging solutions, like Safebreak bottles for acids and special lightweight HDPE bottles for safe handling processes. Explore our ingenious tools, like safe withdrawal systems and pouring aids. And discover how quickly Chemizorb®  absorbents can protect you in case of accidental spills.
Benefit from our safety expertise:

  • Risk prevention: Special packaging and ingredients to protect you even during critical applications
  • Daily safety: Dedicated tools to help you avoid accidents and contaminations
  • Emergency help: Chemizorb® absorbents for rapid removal of hazardous spills

Ensure safety inside your lab !

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