New HPLC Phase for 100% Aqueous Conditions While Maintaining Excellent Efficiency

Thriving in water - Fully wettable HPLC phase for your polar compounds

The Kromasil new wettable phase is the latest innovation of Nouryon, an HPLC phase that has been specifically designed for polar compounds. This Kromasil Classic 100 Å C18(w) permits loading and run start in 100% aqueous, enabling new opportunities for engineers and scientists working with HPLC.

For polar compounds

Whether you are performing separation or purification of APIs, your facility may have to deal with an increasingly number of complex mixtures also containing more polar compounds.

Kromasil’s expanded portfolio now includes the new wettable C18 phase precisely manufactured for separating and purifying more polar compounds, amino acids and peptides.

Independently, if you work in development or screening laboratories, pilot facilities or manufacturing, the alternative selectivity offered by Kromasil 100 Å C18 (w) can be of significant benefit for impurity isolation and API production.

A phase that will not collapse

Kromasil Classic C18(w) has been designed with a less dense C18 derivatisation compared to a regular C18 and with polar embedded end-capping, assuring full access to the stationary phase under aqueous conditions and maintained selectivity, even if pressure drops.


Kromasil Classic C18(w) wettable phase is available in 10 μm particle size as bulk and slurry-packed HPLC columns.

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