New Standards in Gas Chromatography

Excellent operability and toolless maintenance make routine work in your laboratory easier

Nexis GC-2030 - The Next Industry Standard

The GC-2030 NEXIS stands for ‘Next Industry Standard’ . Meeting this demand requires a clear view on present day GC requirements. Gas chromatography is used in all areas of research and development that ultimately enrich but also influence our daily life through foods, consumer goods, electronics, health and environment. Therefore, easy operation and maintenance are important topics for a GC as well as safety using hydrogen as carrier gas.
Simple operation via self-explanatory user interface

The new color touchscreen display offers fast and intuitive access to the GC-2030 NEXIS. Self-explanatory icons guide users through the entire system operation. The same icons are found in the new LabSolutions software, which offers optional conventional or graphically controlled operation of the GC. Network-operated control also offers all advantages of the World Wide Web. Direct access via iPhone or iPad to the status of an ongoing analysis as well as launching new measurement sequences, is possible at any time and any place.

 Maintenance without tools

Regular maintenance tasks on the GC-2030 NEXIS, such as septum, liner and column replacement, no longer require any tools and can be performed quickly and efficiently. The new Click Tek connector technology also enables simple column installation by hand without the use of any tools. An optional oven lamp is available for illumination and offers an excellent view inside the oven.

 Efficiency for fast results and high sample throughput

Fast GC is the technique of choice for obtaining fast results or high sample throughput. High-resolution capillary columns allow the separation of complex samples in the shortest amount of time by using high carrier gas flow velocities and high heating rates of the GC oven. This, however, requires an ultrafast responding detector system in order to display sharp signals at full height and symmetry. Each detector of the GC-2030 NEXIS system can be optimally adjusted to any chromatographic technique by setting the data acquisition rate up to 500 Hz and the filter time constant (2 - 2000 ms).

Safety with hydrogen as carrier gas

For most and particularly for fast GC applications, hydrogen is the ideal carrier gas. However, its use presents risks in the event of leakages. The automatic gas leak check of the GC-2030 NEXIS offers sufficient safety.

A residual risk remains at higher gas flows in low pressure ranges. Here, the optional hydrogen sensor offers additional safety. The GC-2030 oven is continuously monitored and the GC system is shut down before an explosive hydrogen concentration can be formed.

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